Circular Glasgow: The Story So Far…

Circular Glasgow has launched The Story So Far, an interactive visual platform. The website maps Circular Glasgow’s journey to date and highlights some key steps that businesses can take to support the city’s transition towards a circular economy.

Graven is playing a key role in evolving the circular economy process in Scotland along with Spreng Thomson and other key stakeholders in the city.

According to the Circle Economy Impact Report 2017, the world is only 9.1% circular, showing that there is work to do in order to improve circular thinking across the globe. Following these findings, the Circle Economy have set Impact Goals for 2022, with helping more than 250 cities with a circular vision and roadmap top of the agenda.  

Graven and 11 other local design and communications organisations, joined Circular Glasgow to explore how design-led thinking can be used to unlock further circular economy opportunities. An interactive workshop, facilitated by Circle Economy, allowed everyone involved to test their circular design principles and business models using real life examples, testing the impact and effectiveness these may have on the local economy.

Graven and Spreng Thomson have partnered with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland to work on a circular economy design project which could help pave the way for businesses to be truly circular, in turn, making Glasgow a truly circular city.

Graven is working on projects focusing on the design and production of leather, jewellery, paper pulp and compostable plastic in order to establish an effective circular strategy within these areas.

Graven Director, Janice Kirkpatrick, said this about their work with Circular Glasgow;

“Helping to make Glasgow a world leader in circular economy through design-led thinking is incredibly important to Graven. We are enjoying working with our partners across the country on a circular economy design project to help create and implement a truly circular strategy for Glasgow.

We are certain there will be lots of lessons to come from this design project and we are looking forward to driving this.”

You can read more about Circular Glasgow’s Story So Far here.